Алсын хараа: Технологийн тэргүүлэх үйл ажиллагааг хөгжүүлэгч хамт олон байна.
Office 365 is built for your business. Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps with powerful cloud services, Office 365 lets anyone create and collaborate anywhere on any device.<br /> It’s the Office you know, plus tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done — anytime, anywhere.
To accelerate your digital transformation, you need a new type of business application. One that breaks down the silos between CRM and ERP, that’s powered by data and intelligence, and helps capture new business opportunities. That’s Microsoft Dynamics 365.<br />
Windows 10 keeps getting better<br /> The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update extends your creativity and productivity with immersive new realities, 3D storytelling, closer people connections, and cross-device experiences. Updates roll out automatically when your PC is ready or you can download the Update Assistant. How are you primarily planning to use your new Windows 10 PC?
No matter where you want to take your organization, get there with Windows Server 2016—bringing the innovation behind the world’s largest cloud datacenter to yours.<br /> Security built-in at the start: Reduce risk with multiple layers of security right in the operating system for on-premises and cloud protection.
Your vision, your results, your cloud<br /> Turn your idea into a new app, reimagine an existing system, or create a hybrid cloud application with confidence, no matter the platform or where you are on the journey to the cloud. Azure. Cloud for all.
Kaspersky Lab’s most comprehensive business security solution, Kaspersky Total Security for Business delivers rigorous protection for your corporate IT network. As well as security for desktops, laptops and file servers – plus data encryption, endpoint control tools and mobile security – it delivers protection for mail servers, collaboration servers and traffic flowing through Web gateways.
Protecting you, without slowdowns<br /> ESET has a full range of business solutions covering endpoint protection, and mobile, file, mail and gateway security – plus an all-new central management console.<br /> Ultra-strong two-factor authentication. Our solution uses no extra hardware – keeping costs low and users happy.

Програм хангамж нэвтрүүлэлт, лиценз худалдаа

Бид дэлхийн нэр хүнд бүхий програм хангамжийн компаниудтай албан ёсоор түншилж ажилладаг бөгөөд хамгийн боломжит хувилбараар уян хатан үнийн бодлого, төлбөрийн нөхцөлтэйгээр харилцагчиддаа хүргэн ажиллаж байна.

Мөн програм хангамжын лиценз худалдаалахаас гадна тэдгээрийг байгууллагын үйл ажиллагаанд нэвтрүүлэх, хэвийн ажиллагааг хангах, ажилчдыг сургах зэрэг шаардлагатай үйлчилгээнүүдийг хүргэж байна.

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